who? (kirilov) wrote in michelfoucault,

Forging a life outside the academe

In temporary exile from academia - accepted ABD for a Phd, but because of the cost I've had to take two years off and even change fields do to a change in interests. From philosophy to comparative literature - a natural jump if there ever was one.

Engaging myself in the ultimate in Bibliphilia - collecting, buying and selling rare and foreign books, I just love the feel, smell and appearance of them, and even if they just pass through my possession on their way to a better owner, it is still the best I can do except part time academic research gigs. Halfway a grad student, but halfway not.

This is in part to get by to avoid selling my soul to the capitalist world. Someone may be interested so here's an image of the best of the best and a link to the rest.

Fair prices, Rare books, Fast Shipping and Friendly Service!
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