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anyone read Merquior?

i have no access to his book on Foucault as i live in Russia. so i have a question for those who read it.
i have found this on some site:
Have you ever heard of 'Cratology'? Foucault had, it was his term.
"Cratology is an art and science of social power, theory of authority, core ability to lead, rule or manage people - a key phenomenon in the life of man, society and state. It is a new science. It characterizes the essence and features of power, its different types, forms, structures, mechanisms, technologies." [from Merquior, J.G. (1985) ‘Chapter 8: Foucault’s ‘cratology’: his theory of power’ in Foucault published by Fontana, London.]

so the question is - is 'cratology' Foucault's term really or is it Merquior's?
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